Academic Calendars

Statement about Academic Calendars
Traditional (4-year) nursing students follow the New York Universitycalendar for the first 4 semesters of the program. Once students enter the nursing sequence (last 4 semesters), they follow the NYUCN modified calendar. Accelerated students follow the NYUCN modified calendar for the duration of the program. Graduate students follow the New York University calendar. For any nursing student taking elective courses at a school other than NYUCN (e.g. Steinhardt), please note that you may be required to follow both the NYUCN modified and NYU Academic calendars.

NYU Academic Calendar
Lists important dates from the offices of the university registrar and bursar including:

  1. Registration schedule, status and transaction deadlines
  2. Payment deadline
  3. First and last day of classes
  4. Withdrawal schedule
  5. Refund schedule

BS Clinical Sequence Calendar
NYU College of Nursing is implementing a calendar for four terms of nursing courses for all BS students that provides a balance among fall, spring and summer terms by ensuring that each term includes 12 weeks of didactic/clinical instruction and one week of exams. For traditional and accelerated undergraduate students, the modified calendar will adjust the time between terms between terms to make certain that students have the very best clinical placements, the most highly qualified part-time faculty, as well as conscientious and timely consideration of academic appeals. The breaks between terms will also provide students with essential time to relax and reflect after one term and time to prepare for the upcoming term. Traditional students in particular may have the possibility of increased time in the summer to participate in externships and internships.

Courses Affected By the Calendar:

  1. Acute Care Psychiatric Nursing
  2. Adult & Elder Nursing I, II & III
  3. Community Health Nursing
  4. Foundations of Genetics and Genomics for Health Care
  5. Health Assessment & Promotion
  6. Introduction to Research: Foundations for Evidence-Based Clinical Practice
  7. Integrative Seminar I, II & III 
  8.  Leadership & Management in Nursing
  9. Maternity Nursing
  10. Pediatric Nursing
  11. Nursing Pharmacotherapeutics
  12. Pathophysiology
  13. Professional Nursing