College Directory

Deborah A. Chyun,

Executive Associate Dean
Dr. John W. Rowe Professor in Successful Aging
433 First Ave Room 614
New York, NY 10010
Areas of Specialization 

Prevention and management of CVD in older adults with type 2 diabetes, Cardiac autonomic neuropathy, Physical activity in older adults, Psychosocial aspects of CVD, Epidemiologic study designs

PhD, 1998, Yale University School of Medicine
MSN, 1982, Yale University School of Nursing
BSN, 1978, Boston College
Diploma, 1975, New England Deaconess Hospital
Professional Overview 
Dr. Chyun's expertise on cardiac-related outcomes, psychosocial and behavioral factors, quality of life in older adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus, and cardiovascular nursing and chronic disease epidemiology has provided a unique opportunity to expand the understanding of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in older adults through multiple studies. Findings have made a significant contribution to knowledge of cardiac autonomic neuropathy and asymptomatic heart disease, and have been incorporated into American Diabetes Association clinical practice recommendations. She has lectured and consulted nationally and internationally on topics related to type 2 diabetes and CVD. As an active member of the American Heart Association, Dr. Chyun has represented nursing on interdisciplinary committees focusing on prevention, epidemiology, diabetes, and older adults.
Honors and Awards 
2014, International Nurse Researcher Hall of Fame Award, Sigma Theta Tau International
2013, Foundation of New York State Nurses, Distinguished Nurse Researcher Award
2008, American Academy of Nursing, Fellow
2006, Dorothy Sexton Mentorship Award. Delta Mu Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau
2002, American Heart Association and the Council on Cardiovascular Nursing, Fellow
2002, Distinguished Alumna Award, Yale University School of Nursing
1999, American Heart Association, Council on Cardiovascular Nursing, Finalist, Martha N. Hill New Investigator Award
1998, Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in Geriatric Nursing Research. The John A. Hartford Foundation Institute for Geriatric Nursing, Division of Nursing, School of Education, New York University
RN, Connecticut
RN, New York
Professional Membership 
American Heart Association
American Nurses Association
Eastern Nursing Research Society
Gerontological Society of America
Member of the Board of Directors of Greater
New York Geriatric Cardiology Consortium
Sigma Theta Tau, Delta Mu Chapter
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