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Prospective Doctoral Student

Thank you for your interest in the NYU College of Nursing’s doctoral programs! NYU is categorized as a Research I University. This means the faculty is composed of some of the most lauded, published, and funded researchers in the nursing profession and the college’s affiliations with hundreds of hospitals, private practices, clinics, professional journals, and other institutions provide a wealth of resources for doctoral students.

Doctoral Programs: PhD and DNP

NYU College of Nursing is home to one of the first PhD nursing programs in the nation and an innovative, rigorous Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program.

The college’s PhD program in nursing research and theory development is designed to support students and guide them in the achievement of their academic and professional goals. The curriculum provides an excellent foundation in the philosophy of scientific inquiry, theory development in nursing science, quantitative and qualitative research designs, and methodological approaches to data management and analyses. Faculty members are dedicated to challenging and encouraging students to conduct groundbreaking original research and to examine their own interests and passions for public service.

NYU College of Nursing’s DNP program is designed for nurse practitioners (NPs) and nurse-midwives (CNMs) who seek to enhance their professional future and contribute to improving clinical outcomes and the context in which health care is delivered. The overarching goal of the DNP program is to prepare graduates to be advanced practice nurse leaders in interdisciplinary health teams who work to improve systems of care, patient outcomes, quality, and safety. Students are guided in developing the skills and tools necessary to assess research evidence, evaluate the impact of research on practice, and implement practice changes that improve quality of care.

At the NYU College of Nursing, all doctoral programs are post-master’s programs. Learn more about our graduate program options.