Knowledge Appraisal and Development

NURSE-GN 3353, Credits, (Spring)

This course will provide students with specific strategies necessary to conduct a scholarly appraisal. The adequacy of a specific body of nursing knowledge will be taught including: concept analysis, integrative and systematic reviews. Students will use concept analysis to examine concepts integral to a specific body of knowledge. In doing so, propositions, and/or theories from specific areas of nursing science will be identified and examined for adequacy. Students will begin to examine the state of the science in a specific area of knowledge development using integrated review techniques. Generalizability of knowledge in a specific area will be examined with attention to methodological and conceptual limitations based on gender, race, age, or ethnic group. The impact of knowledge on practice will be analyzed and strategies to increase the transfer of knowledge to/from the clinical arena will be discussed. As well as examining one specific area of nursing knowledge in class, students will use techniques learned to further individual ability to appraise and develop knowledge in an area of specific interest to the individual.