Greg Falkin headshot

Gregory Falkin

Senior Research Scientist
Program Director, Behavioral Sciences Training in Drug Abuse Research


433 First Avenue
New York, NY 10010
United States

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Professional overview

Before joining NYU, Greg Falkin worked in government, academia, and private sector research. At National Development and Research Institute, Inc., he was Principal Investigator of several NIDA and foundation grants, specializing in drug treatment for offenders, smoking cessation, and HIV prevention. His primary interest has been in learning how programs can be improved to help people better their lives. Also while at NDRI, he was Program Director of the Behavioral Sciences Training in Drug Abuse Research program, which he now directs at the Rory Myers College of Nursing. The BST program is the largest and oldest training program for behavioral scientists funded by NIDA. It provides intensive training to 16 fellows (9 predocs and 7 postdocs) from the various behavioral disciplines who work in a mutually supportive milieu to gain hands-on experience conducting research, build their publication records and write grants for outside funding. Fellows specialize in a wide range of topics, such as drugs among college students, doping in sports, drugs and crime, HIV risk factors and interventions, drug treatment, politics and drug policy, international research. Dr. Falkin thoroughly enjoys helping them build their careers. Former BST Fellows teach at universities all around the country and in foreign countries, work in public health agencies, and research centers. Many of the more than 200 fellows he has trained have become prominent in their fields.



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