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Princess Villacarlos is a clinical instructor at NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing. Villacarlos has extensive experience in long-term care and has held numerous administrative positions, including assistant director of nursing. Her broad knowledge of various LTC Electronic Medical Records (EMR) platforms has enabled her to be an integral part of EMR implementation in multiple facilities. In her most recent role as a nurse consultant, she worked with facilities in the areas of quality improvement, medical record review, policy and procedure development, and staff education. She is also a long-term care mentor for the NICHE program at NYU Meyers. She is a QAPI-certified professional and a member of the American Association of Directors of Nursing.

Villacarlos received an MSN in nursing administration and informatics from Molloy College and BSN from NYU. She is currently a DNP candidate at Sacred Heart University.

MS - Molloy College
BSN - NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing


Real-time decision-making in chronic illness branching simulation

Pasklinsky, N., Graham-Perel, A., Villacarlos-Philip, P., Slaka-Vella, M., & Tilley, C. P. (2021). MHealth, 7. 10.21037/mhealth-19-215
The United States (US) is facing a rapidly aging population that suffers from multiple chronic illnesses. To prepare nursing students to care for this increasingly complex, aging population nurse educators must develop curricula that incorporate both current technology and cutting-edge teaching pedagogies that facilitate development of real-time decision-making skills. Branching scenarios are simulations that mimic real-life; rapidly changing patient conditions unfold based on actual student decision-making. This challenges learners to adapt the nursing process based on subjective and objective assessments and utilize current technology to analyze multiple sources of patient data. As nursing students make decisions and act, the scenario branches, presenting them with immediate feedback on the outcomes. Branching simulation scenario designs incorporate multiple different mobile technologies with decision-support software that nursing students may access, such as real-time decision-support algorithms, evidence-based guidelines, telehealth, medication information resources, and electronic medical records (EMRs). Faculty at NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing (NYU) have successfully incorporated mobile technology with decision-support software into branching simulations as a strategy to develop real-time clinical decision-making in the care of older adults with multiple chronic illnesses.