Externships & Internships

Externships, Internships and Volunteer Opportunities

The NYU Office of Student Affairs works in colloration with the Wasserman Center for Career Development to list all volunteer, externship, internship, and job listings on their CareerNet system. Students can find details on these programs by logging in to their (free) CareerNet account and search with keywords "nursing" and "healthcare."

 Urban Health Care Program

The Urban Health Care Program offers nursing students a full-time, paid summer externship at a primary-care community health care setting in Manhattan. The program, through the generous support of the Louis and Rachel Rudin Foundation, has been in existence since 1988 and provides an invaluable experience to nursing students while meeting the health care needs of underserved and marginalized communities. The eight-week program begins in late June and runs through early August. The goal of the program is to teach students about health promotion and disease prevention in at-risk urban populations in community-based settings. This program also provides opportunities to work with other disciplines through inter-professional practice in community agencies. Students will collaborate on projects that include history taking, assessments, research surveys, and consumer education projects. Past student participants have reported that the program provided them with increased awareness of community services, the needs of underserved and marginalized communities and the benefits of collaborating with other professionals and community service agencies to decrease disparities in health care.

Substance Abuse Research, Education and Training (SARET)

The Colleges of Dentistry and Nursing, the Silver School of Social Work and NYU School of Medicine support project SARET  (PI Marc Gourevitch, MD)  to create, implement and evaluate a substance abuse research training program for physician, nurse, dentistry and social work students. Funded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse( NIDA) ( R25) the project is designed to  stimulate participants’ interest in drug, alcohol and tobacco, research. The project uses interactive, computer based educational technology developed in module form for other training programs, which is flexible and content-rich. SARET educates an interdisciplinary group of medical, advanced practice nursing, dental and social work students about addiction and the fundamentals of clinical research in this field. Learners engaged in (NIDA) funded research opportunities, implemented  with seasoned mentors in the NYU community. 

Opportunities for graduate masters` and doctoral students are available each Summer to 2017, 5 days a  week for 8 weeks. Students participate in interdisciplinary seminars and receive stipends for their work with research mentors in laboratory settings in  medicine, dentistry nursing and social work. One year long stipend supported research opportunity is also available for doctoral students ( 36 hour/week)  It is an excellent opportunity to advance research skills and to gain an indepth knowledge of addictions. Application due: December 20th

Principal Investigator for Nursing: Madeline A. Naegle, Ph.D., CNS-PMH, FAAN
Coordinator, Substance Abuse Related Disorders Sequence

Summer Research

The annual Summer Research Experience held at NYU College of Dentistry introduces dental students and NYU College of Nursing students to research at an early stage in their careers - inspiring them and helping them see that research can be an exciting and fulfilling career trajectory. Participants in the summer program work with faculty mentors on their research studies full time and attend seminars three times a week. Seminar topics include health disparities, ethics, lab safety, DNA, animal research, and evidence-based practice. Students learn to prepare poster presentations, teaching tools in research environments. At the end of the eight weeks, there is a poster session in which the students present posters describing the studies on which they worked.
NYU College of Dentistry Program Director: Dr. Joseph Guttenplan
NYU College of Nursing Program Director: Dr. Gail Melkus