College Directory

Marie Boltz,

Assistant Professor
Practice Director, Nurses Improving Care for Healthsystem Elders - NICHE
726 Broadway 10th Floor
New York, NY 10003
Areas of Specialization 

Preventing physical and cognitive decline in older adults; Dementia care; Translational research and practice environments (acute, long-term, and community care)

Post-doc, 2011, University of Maryland
PhD, 2007, New York University
MSN, 1984, University of Pennsylvania
BSN, 1982, LaSalle University
Professional Overview 
Dr. Marie Boltz is an Assistant Professor in the NYU College of Nursing. She has served as PI on several studies that examined the trajectory of change in physical function. She is currently focused on testing system-level interventions to maximize physical and cognitive recovery in older persons in the acute and post-acute settings. As NICHE (Nurses Improving Care of Healthsystem Elders; PI: E. Capezuti ) Practice Director, she has served as PI, co-PI, and consultant on studies that have examined the geriatric care environment, and measures of quality around care of older persons. She serves on several national advisory boards informing aging program development and evaluation.
Honors and Awards 
2013 Fellow, Gerontological Society of America
2013, Selected to participate in the New York University Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) Training Research Education and Careers (TREC) Mentor Development Program
2012, Named as one of “Top 75 Nursing professors you would be lucky to have teach your classes” by CNA Thrive, 2012
2012 Eastern Nursing Research Society, Hartford Geriatric Nursing Practice Research Award, 2012
2011, Literati Network Awards for Excellence: Highly Commendable Paper
2011, National Institute on Aging Summer Institute Scholar
2010, Springer Publisher Geriatric/Gerontologic Nursing Award
2009-2011, BAGNC Claire M. Fagin Fellowship, American Academy of Nursing
2009, Gerontological Advanced Practice Nurses Association (GAPNA) First Place Research Presentation, GAPNA Annual Conference
2009, Margretta Madden Styles Credentialing Scholar, American Nurses Credentialing Center ANCC
2008, Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing Summer Scholars Program, New York University
2007, Distinguished Doctoral Student Award, New York University College of Nursing
2007, New York University College of Dentistry Nursing Research Award, Outstanding Poster
RN, New York
RN, Pennsylvania
Licensed Certified Nurse Practitioner, Pennsylvania
Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, Pennsylvania
ANCC- Certified Geriatric Nurse Practitioner
Professional Membership 
American Geriatric Society
American Nurses’ Association
Association of Rehabilitation Nurses
Eastern Nursing Research Society
Gerontological Society of America
Gerontological Advanced Practice Nurses Association
National Association of Gerontological Nurses
Pennsylvania Nurses’ Association
Sigma Theta Tau International, Upsilon and Xi Chapters
Member, Advisory Board, National Alzheimer Association Hospital Initiative Board Member
Board Member, Pennsylvania Attorney General Medical / Legal Advisory Board
Clinical Practice / Clinical Interests 

Function-Focused Care

Boltz, M., Resnick, E., Shuluk, J., Capezuti, E. (2013). Activity restriction versus self-direction: Hospitalized older adults’ response to fear of falling. International Journal of Older People Nursing, 70, 1-9. 10.1111/opn.12015.
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