College Directory

Elizabeth Capezuti,

The Dr. John W. Rowe Professorship in Successful Aging
Co-Director, The Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing
726 Broadway, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10003
Areas of Specialization 

Gerontology, Geriatric Nursing

PhD, 1995, University of Pennsylvania
MS, 1984, Hunter College
BS, 1980, Lehman College
Professional Overview 
An internationally recognized geriatric nurse researcher, Dr. Capezuti is known for her work in improving the care of older adults by interventions and models that positively influence health care provider’s knowledge and work environment. She focuses primarily on translating effective interventions into actual practice, specifically testing of new technologies for promoting independence and system-change approaches to transform provider behavior. The recipient of more than $8M in research and training grants, she has disseminated the findings of 35 funded projects in 4 co-edited books and more than a hundred peer reviewed articles and book chapters.
Honors and Awards 
2013, New York University Distinguished Teaching Award
2004, Fellow, The American Association of Nurse Practitioners
2004, Fellow, The New York Academy of Medicine
2003, Fellow, The Gerontological Society of America
2000, Otsuka/American Geriatrics Society Outstanding Scientific Achievement for Clinical Investigation Award
1999, Fellow, American Academy of Nursing
1995, University of Pennsylvania Provost's Award for Distinguished Teaching
RN, New York
RN, Pennsylvania
CRNP, Pennsylvania
Professional Membership 
American Nurses' Association, Pennsylvania Nurses' Association
Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society, Delta Zeta and Upsilon Chapters
Council for teh Advancement of Nursing Science
American Geriatrics Society
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