College Directory

Maja Djukic,

Assistant Professor
433 First Ave Room 646
New York, NY 10010
Areas of Specialization 

Nursing Workforce, Nurse Work Environment, Patient Care Quality, Interprofessional Education, Nurse Education, and Participation in Healthcare Quality Improvement

PhD, 2009, New York University
MS, 2006, New York University
BS, 2003, Northeastern State University
AS, 1999, Tulsa Community College
Professional Overview 
Dr. Djukic, research interests focus on theory building and testing related to the impact of individual, organizational, and external environment factors on nurse work outcomes, nurses’ participation in healthcare quality improvement, and quality and safety of patient care. She is also collaborating with faculty from the NYU School of Medicine to develop and evaluate large-scale, technology driven implementation of an evidence-based inter-professional teamwork curriculum.
Honors and Awards 
2011 Rising Star Award - NYU College of Nursing Alumni Association
2010 PhD Class 2010 Valedictorian
2010 PhD Program Distinguished Student Award
2006 The Mary Clark Rockefeller Fellows Program
2006 Master’s Program Nursing Distinguished Student Award
2006 Certificate of Excellence For Academic Distinction in Nursing Education
2005 Margret S. Wolf Hirschberg Scholarship for Nursing Education
2005 Greenidge Scholarship for International Education
2005/04 Federal Traineeships for Master's Students
RN, State of New York
Professional Membership 
American Organization of Nurse Executives
Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science
Sigma Theta Tau International-Upsilon Chapter
Clinical Practice / Clinical Interests 

Adult Critical Care

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