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Holly Hagan,

Co-Director, Center for Drug Use and HIV Research
433 First Ave Room 752
New York, NY 10010
Areas of Specialization 

Epidemiology, infectious diseases, viral hepatitis, HIV, substance abuse, research methods, health disparities, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, implementation science

PhD, 1997, University of Washington
MPH, 1987, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
RN, 1981, Seattle Central College
BA, 1975, The Evergreen State College
Professional Overview 
Dr. Hagan trained as an epidemiologist at the University of Washington and is expert in the infectious disease consequences of illicit drug use. Her work on the etiology, epidemiology and prevention of HCV in substance users has informed harm reduction practices in the US and abroad. Dr. Hagan served on the Institute of Medicine Committee on the Prevention and Control of Viral Hepatitis in the United States. She is Director of the Transdisciplinary Research Methods Core in the Center for Drug Use and HIV Research within NYU College of Nursing.
Registered Nurse, Washington State (inactive)
Professional Membership 
American Association for the Study of Liver Disease
American Public Health Association
International AIDS Society
International Harm Reduction Association
North American Syringe Exchange Network, Board Member
Society for Epidemiologic Research
Current Research Projects
National Institutes of Health
PhD, MPH, RN, Professor, Co-Director, Center for Drug Use and HIV Research,

This study will use the methods of Implementation Science - research synthesis, mathematical modeling and simulation, and comparative effectiveness analyses - to determine how best to constitute a portfolio of interventions for the prevention and control of HCV and its consequences while taking into limited resources and underlying epidemiologic and social network features account. A dissemination plan will make extensive use of technology, including social media, and guidance from key stakeholders.

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