College Directory

Leslie-Faith M. Taub,

Clinical Associate Professor
Coordinator, Adult Nurse Practitioner Program
Nurse Practitioner, NYU College of Nursing Faculty Practice
Fellow Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing
Project Director, Elder Care Program
433 First Ave Room 514
New York, NY 10010
Areas of Specialization 

Adult NP-C, Gerontology NP-BC, Certified Diabetes Educator, Certified in Behavioral Sleep Medicine by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Certified Medical Examiner (DOT)

PhD, 2004, Columbia University School of Nursing
MSN, 1998, Seton Hall University School of Nursing,
BS, 1994, College of Staten Island
BFA, 1971, Lehman College
Professional Overview 
Dr. Taub is the Project Director for a HRSA funded extension of the NYU College of Nursing Faculty Practice called Elder Care which provides primary health care to those living in lower Manhattan in a naturally occurring retirement community and in Senior Centers in close proximity to the NYU College of Nursing. This program will provide service learning opportunities for graduate nurse practitioner students, who will soon provide care to a projected 70 million older adults by 2030.
Honors and Awards 
2014,Masters Faculty Excellence Award,NYU Student Council of the College of Dentistry/Nursing
2014, Editorial Board Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners
2011, Fellow of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
2010, Nomination, Stuart D. Cook’s Master Educator Guild (UMDNJ)
2007, Nomination, Stuart D. Cook’s Master Educator Guild (UMDNJ)
2005, Society of Scholars, Nurses Educational Funds, Inc.
2001-2002, Scholarship for doctoral study, Nurses Educational Funds, Inc.
2000, Doctoral Education Nurse Practitioner Scholarship, AANP Foundation
1997, Sister Agnes Reinkemeyer Scholarship for Excellence in Academic and Professional Performance, Seton Hall University
1996, Gamma Nu Graduate Scholarship Award, Seton Hall University
1995, Sigma Theta Tau Scholarship Mu Upsilon Chapter Award, College of Staten Island
1994, Award for the Student with the Highest Academic Performance, College of Staten Island’s Nursing Department
RN, New Jersey
RN, New York
ANP, New Jersey
ANP, New York
GNP, New Jersey
GNP, New York
Professional Membership 
American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
American Association of Diabetes Educators
National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties
Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honor Society
Clinical Practice / Clinical Interests 

Nurse Practitioner/ A/GNP-BC
NYU College of Nurisng Faculty Practice
345 E. 24th Street, New York, NY 10010

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