Doctoral Student Organization

The Doctoral Student Organization (DSO) provides a forum for PhD students to support each other, share research and ideas, and interact with faculty. It facilitates communication among doctoral students through formal and informal meetings, BlackBoard discussions, and email exchanges. The DSO also provides a structure for PhD students to be involved in positive change in the doctoral program and NYU College of Nursing through its relationship with a faculty mentor and having representation on committees. All nursing PhD students are welcome and encouraged to participate.

2015-2016 DSO Executive Board

President Jennifer Reed
Vice President Mimi Niles
Secretary Neesha Ramchandani
Treasurer Lisa Adnan Babkair
Curriculum Workgroup representative: Melissa Morelli-Walsh
PhD Work group Rep Billy Caceres & Jin Jun
Alumni Board Rep Aliza Ben-Zacharia
Governance Chair Gladys Vallespir-Ellett 
Faculty Advisor Allison Squires


Neesha Ramchandani & Lisa Babkair