College Directory

Victoria Vaughan Dickson,

Associate Professor
433 First Ave Room 742
New York, NY 10010
Areas of Specialization 

Cardiovascular Nursing, Heart Failure Self-Care, Aging Workforce and Chronic Disease, Mixed Methodology and Qualitative Research Methods

PhD, 2007, University of Pennsylvania
MSN, 1985, University of Pennsylvania
BSN, 1981, Temple University
Professional Overview 
Dr. Dickson, has extensive clinical experience in the primary care of older adults and cardiovascular nursing. Her program of research investigates the multi-factorial influences on the health behavior of self-care among older adults with cardiovascular disease in order to develop interventions that will improve their health and quality of life. Dr. Dickson’s research focuses on ethnic minority populations with heart failure and aging workers with coronary heart disease. Prior to joining the faculty at NYU, she was the director of a multi-site nurse practitioner practice in a large corporate employee health setting. In that clinical role, Dr. Dickson led a team of health professionals in the provision of preventative and chronic care as well as disease management and health promotion programs to an international workforce.
Honors and Awards 
2012, American Heart Association Fuchs-Schoeck Research Fellow
2012, ENRS Rising Star Research Award
2011, American Heart Association, Council on Cardiovascular Nursing, Fellow
2010, Brookdale Foundation Leadership in Aging Fellow
2007, Nursing Research Award, Heart Failure Society of America
2007, Martha Hill New Investigator Award (finalist), American Heart Association
2007, Research Award, Otis Clapp New Investigator Award, American Association of Occupational Health Nurses
2007, Student Award, Special recognition for significant dissertation research, University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing
RN, Pennsylvania
RN, New Jersey
RN, New York
Advanced Practice Nurse, Pennsylvania
Advanced Practice Nurse, New Jersey
Advanced Practice Nurse, New York
Professional Membership 
American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
American Association of Occupational Health Nurses
American Heart Association: Editor, Connections Newsletter; • Member at Large, Cardiovascular Nursing Leadership Committee
Council for teh Advancement of Nursing Science
Eastern Nursing Research Society: Treasurer
Gerontological Society of America
Heart Failure Society of America: Member, Education Committee
New York Nurse Practitioners Association
Sigma Theta Tau, XI Chapter
Clinical Practice / Clinical Interests 

Cardiovascular Nursing, Adult Primary Care and Occupational Health

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