College Directory

Allison Squires,

Assistant Professor
Deputy Director, International Education & Visiting Scholars
433 First Avenue Room 656
New York, NY 10010
Areas of Specialization 

Global Health, Human Resources for Health, Health Services Research, International Nurse Migration, Immigrant Health, Language Barriers, Language & Translation in Research Methods

PhD, 2007, Yale University
Post-Masters Certificate, 2000, Villanova University
MSN, 1999, Duquesne University, School of Nursing
BSN, 1995 with a minor in Latin American Studies, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing
Professional Overview 
Dr. Squires studies health workforce capacity building, primarily in low and middle income countries. Recent studies and collaborations have focused on primary care workforce development and obesity management strategies, interprofessional education in geriatrics, health workforce migration policy in Latin America, and projects promoting evidence-based practice among front line healthcare providers. To date, her research has occurred in 30 countries. She is a health labor markets consultant for the World Bank and a Fellow with the Migration Policy Institute. For a complete list of publications for Dr. Squires, please click here:
Honors and Awards 
2015, Fellow, American Academy of Nursing
2014, Fellow, New York Academy of Medicine
2008, Global Engagement Award Office of Global Affairs, University of Pennsylvania, School of Nursing
2006, Third place, Doctoral Student Presentation Award, Eastern Nursing Research Society, 18th Annual Conference
2003, Fellow, Yale World Fellows Program, Yale University
1998, Inducted into Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society, Epsilon Phi Chapter, Duquesne University, School of Nursing
RN, New York
Professional Membership 
Academy Health
American Nurses Association
Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science
Sigma Theta Tau International
Clinical Practice / Clinical Interests 

Community health nursing, medical-surgical nursing

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