Dean's statement on immigration Executive Order

January 30, 2017

Dear Members of the Meyers Community,

The first of my ancestors who arrived in North America prior to the American Revolution was a bonded servant and the most recent came escaping starvation in Ireland and Germany in the 1840s. My direct relatives fought in the US Civil War, the Spanish American War, and WWII, and my husband and son are now both serving in the US military.  The pursuit of freedom is core to my values – and our shared values as Americans and especially important for the free flow of ideas and education through academic work. 

The recent events that unfolded on US borders and in our airports and ports of entry around the world have shaken me. I know that these changes to immigration policy have raised significant concerns in our school community for the uncertain status of fellow university students and scholars from those affected countries.

I have a strong commitment to support all students and scholars working across our global university community and am especially committed to assuring the health of the world community. At Meyers, we know that nursing, education, and research are foundational to freedom, health, and disease prevention.  And as nurses, we know that support for families and communities is essential in their pursuits of happiness and wellness. 

Along with the rest of NYU, we at Meyers, will continue to support our students and their rights to study and engage in nursing. Dr. James Pace, our senior associate dean for academic programs, the full faculty, and our administrative team are working closely with NYU Offices of Global Services and Student Affairs to assuage students’ concerns and inform our community about the effects of the changes to immigration policy in the recent executive order from the White House.  The Office of Global Services will be hosting a meeting from 2-5pm tomorrow in room 806 of Kimmel to address specific questions you may have. I encourage you to attend if you’re able.

In addition, we know that these recent developments may be upsetting and encourage you to reach out to the Wellness Exchange if you would like to talk to someone.  The Exchange is available to you all day every day at 212-443-9999

Dean Eileen