NYU Meyers doctoral student receives American Association of Occupational Health Nurses 2018 Medique Research Grant

September 12, 2018

The American Association of Occupational Health Nurses (AAOHN) Foundation has named NYU Meyers doctoral student Laura Jean Ridge, ANP-BC, AAHIVE, the 2018 Medique Research Grant recipient. 

Ridge’s research entitled, “A Case Study on the Effects of Informal Task Shifting on the Work of Liberian Nurses” will investigate the occupational health implications of a widely-used strategy in healthcare known as task shifting which is often used in nursing in sub-Saharan Africa, Liberia.  It will examine how nurses in this country learn to protect themselves as new tasks are shifted to them and to what extent they are able to put that knowledge into practice. The findings of this study will potentially to be used in the design and implementation of occupational health interventions at the facility, regional, and national levels in Liberia.

Every year, the AAOHN Foundation awards numerous scholarships, academic studies awards and research grants to occupational health and environmental nurses who qualify for these funds. The Medique Research Grant, generously sponsored by Medique Products, is given annually in support of research to impact worker health around the world.

“The Medique Research Grant recipient represents the occupational health nurse striving with passion and dedication to improving the quality of care given by Occupational Health Nurses to workers,” said Grace Fortuna, AAOHN Foundation Chair. “Our recipients are leaders in workforce health and safety and the Foundation is proud to provide funding for their research as they contribute to the profession.” 

AAOHN members qualify for these funds by meeting a strict set of criteria. They are selected by a Review Panel and are chosen based on research need, quality of research and the potential impact to the profession as well as the quality of care given to improve the health and safety of workers.