NYUCN issues statement on diversity and inclusion

August 18, 2016


New York University Rory Meyers College of Nursing (NYURMCN) is committed to the inclusion and support of individuals and ideas from all who comprise our multicultural community. NYURMCN embraces the richness of diversity in its multiple dimensions that exist within and around us, including: race, ethnicity, nationality, class, sex, gender-identity/expression, ability, faith/belief, sexual orientation, and age. NYURMCN acknowledges that each member of our community brings a unique collection of identities and experiences that contribute to our collective dialogue. We believe in the value of diversity and its many points-of-view which serve to enhance the quality of the teaching, research, service, and employment experiences at NYURMCN.

NYURMCN strives to acknowledge, value, and celebrate our diversity while putting into action meaningful expressions of inclusion. We take pride in working together to build a diverse, equitable, and civil community where everyone feels safe, healthy, and free to be themselves, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds.

NYURMCN is committed to meeting the health care demands of an increasingly diverse population with an equally diverse faculty and workforce. We invite your presence and support as we build our valued community.