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Caregiving is a team effort

CareMobi helps coordinate patient care between loved ones and healthcare providers

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Who it's for

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Loved ones

Family members and close friends can easily coordinate with each other, and follow the care that their loved one is receiving day to day.

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Healthcare providers

Doctors, nurses and specialists can view important health records — vitals, medications, and important observations shared by those assisting the patient.

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Daily caregivers

Caregivers at home and at adult daycare centers can seamlessly coordinate medications, appointments, and updates for a patient’s loved ones and medical team.

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Build your care team

Easily create a care team for your loved one, and invite anyone who helps to care for them. Manage permissions, so each person gets the right level of detail.

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Track important health info

Add and sync important appointments, save notes and documents, track health vitals, and post updates for other members of the care team.

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Manage medications

Scan medications to instantly track their details. Set medication reminders. Confirm which medications have been given, and when.

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Communicate with ease

Monitor and share updates in an easy-to-watch feed. Quickly and easily export health data for healthcare providers.

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Free to use

We built CareMobi to help our patients and healthcare providers, but we'd love to see it help others too.  It's free to use.

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The highest data privacy & security standards

CareMobi is secured, meaning data privacy and security are managed to the highest healthcare data standards.  You're in control of your health information, and can decide how it's used.  Unless you opt to participate in one of our research studies, we won't view or access your personal information.