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Why NYU Meyers?

Highest salaries

Our undergraduate alumni have the highest median salaries at NYU.

#7 in NIH funding

Faculty are high-producing researchers who receive generous funding from the private and public sectors.

Diverse student body

We recruit and enroll students from around the country and world.

Global outlook

Our footprint spans from local communities to global settings.

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Yaguang Zheng headshot

Yaguang Zheng

Assistant Professor

NYU Meyers offers lifelong opportunities for nursing learners to become excellent scientists, educators, and leaders. Meyers faculty are committed to advancing healthcare locally and globally, including improving health for individuals with metabolic syndrome and related multiple chronic conditions.

Kimberly Glassman headshot

Kimberly S Glassman

Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Clinical Professor

NYU Meyers offers the best nursing educational experience, with nationally known faculty and accredited clinical simulation learning environments. Our urban location provides opportunities for students to master clinical skills at some of the nation's best hospitals and community health settings in a diverse and culturally rich city.  

Noreen Nelson headshot

Noreen Nelson

Clinical Assistant Professor

When a prospective student chooses NYU, they choose an environment rich with an amazing, diverse faculty led by a dynamic leadership and cutting-edge opportunities to succeed after graduation. Meyers is innovative. It provides exemplary healthcare preparation and intellectually challenges students to facilitate their development as caring, competent nurses and leaders in a world of global connectedness.