Why NYU Meyers?

Highest salaries

Our undergraduate alumni have the highest median salaries at NYU.

Top 10 in NIH funding

Faculty are high-producing researchers who receive generous funding from the private and public sectors.

Diverse student body

We recruit and enroll students from around the country and world.

Global outlook

Our footprint spans from local communities to global settings.

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Allison P Squires

Associate Professor

Thanks to New York City's diverse population and its status as an international city, students have unparalleled opportunities to care for patients from around the world, patients who reflect the global burden of disease. Whether a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral student, our graduates emerge prepared to work anywhere in the US or abroad because the world is at their educational doorstep. 


Winslow Burleson

Associate Professor

Our informatics program are leading transdisciplinary initiatives advancing the state-of-the-art of integrated research and education at the intersection of health, technology, education and innovation.


Laurie S Jeffers

Clinical Assistant Professor

We are a faculty of intelligent, innovative, and compassionate individuals dedicated to student-centered learning in an environment of respect and have dedicated our expertise to transform the future of healthcare by transforming the students we enroll and graduate!