Why NYU Meyers?

Highest salaries

Our undergraduate alumni have the highest median salaries at NYU.

#8 in NIH funding

Faculty are high-producing researchers who receive generous funding from the private and public sectors.

Diverse student body

We recruit and enroll students from around the country and world.

Global outlook

Our footprint spans from local communities to global settings.

Upcoming Events

Prospective Students
Information Session
Information Session
Prospective Students

Doctoral Information Session

Mon, Feb 6 5:00 PM — 6:00 PM
Information Session
Information Session

Hear from Our Faculty & Students

Meet the Faculty

James C. Pace

James C Pace

Clinical Professor
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Programs

NYU Meyers is strikingly unique; it has significantly expanded the discipline of nursing as a profession, art, and science like no other place.

Margaret M. McCarthy

Margaret McCarthy

Assistant Professor

When I was a PhD student here, I was truly mentored by wonderful faculty. I want other students to have that experience.


Sandy Cayo

Clinical Assistant Professor

As one of the best nursing schools in the nation -- with enormously talented faculty in the heart of the city -- NYU Meyers is truly one of the greatest places to learn.