Additional Scholarship Opportunities for Current Students

For information on financial aid options for new applicants, please visit the NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing financial aid page.

In addition to your financial aid package, there are a number of other opportunities to be considered for donor-funded NYU Meyers scholarships, global fellowships, federal scholarships, and private funding opportunities. 

General eligibility guidelines

While specific eligibility and application requirements may vary, a few policies and procedures apply to all NYU Rory Meyers Donor Funded Scholarships:

  • US citizens and eligible non-citizens must complete the FAFSA each academic year to be considered for NYU Rory Meyers Donor Funded Scholarships. 
  • Students awarded NYU Meyers scholarships are required to fill out a World of Thanks profile online. Information about World of Thanks is sent directly to NYU Rory Meyers scholarship recipients at the time the award is made.
  • Graduate students receiving NYU or NYU Langone tuition remission are not eligible for NYU scholarship aid. If NYU scholarship aid is awarded to a graduate student, but the student is subsequently awarded tuition remission in the same academic year, the NYU scholarship may be canceled or reduced.
  • Doctoral-level students hired by NYU Rory Meyers as graduate assistants are not eligible for NYU scholarship aid.
  • Please be informed that receiving a donor-named scholarship may change (cancel or reduce) a student's existing financial aid package as federal regulations prohibit a student from receiving more financial aid than their estimated cost of attendance.  Generally, if a reduction of existing financial aid is required, the reduction will first be made to loans and/or work study.  Existing scholarships will only be adjusted if necessary.  


For any questions regarding scholarship opportunities please email, Julie Rubio ( NYU Meyers Scholarship Officer, for more information.

Specific applications

Donor-funded scholarships are awarded mid-semester for currently enrolled students. Below are examples of scholarship opportunities available on a rotating basis. Specific information on how to apply is sent to current students depending on availability. 


Scholarships and Awards