Academic and Clinical Affairs


Administrative Aide II

Lina Janusas

Program Administrator

Matthew Marsaglia

Instructional Technologist

Administration Finance and Planning

Mary Lou Atkinson

Associate Director, Grants Administration

Mindy J Belkin

Grant Administrator

Jamie Chiappetta

Associate Director, Finance

Ellen Lyons

Associate Dean for Administration, Finance, and Planning

William McCormack

Assistant Director, Research Administration

Colleen Salmon

Financial Analyst

Aaron G Sweeney

Operations Administrator, Faculty Affairs

Aline Zorian

Financial Analyst, Grants Administration


Matthew Margeson Burke

Assistant Director, Graduate Student Affairs and Admissions

Alana Integlia

Scholarship Officer

Amy J. Knowles

Assistant Dean, Student Affairs and Admissions

Andrew LaVenia

Assistant Director, Undergraduate Student Affairs and Admissions

Fortuna O. Smith

Student Affairs Officer


Annie Le

Academic Advisor

Ambrose Appiah Ozieh

Assistant Director, Advising and Academic Services

Mary E Roldan

Assistant Registrar

Rachelle Rumph

Assistant Dean, Advising and Academic Services

Susmita Saha

Academic Advisor

Douglas Voight

Administrative Aide II

BS Program Office

Henrietta Ida Jones

Administrative Aide II

Renata Kurz

Administrative Aide II

Titilayo O Kuti

Associate Director, Undergraduate Program

Clinical Affairs

Marigold Martinez

Clinical Placement Nurse Manager

Larissa McDowell

Administrative Aide II

Ilene Rattner

Director, Clinical Affairs

Clinical Simulation Learning Center

Ricardo Cruickshank

Simulation Technology Senior Assistant

Gina Fraioli

Assistant Director, Simulation Center

Jordan Genee

Assistant Director, Simulation Technology

Amnerys Marrera

Administrative Aide

Katherine Marx

CSLC Education Specialist

Natalya Pasklinsky

Director, Simulation Learning

Maryann Slaka Vella

Manager, Simulation Center


Keith S Olsen

Director for Communication

Hank Sherwood

Digital Communications Manager

Deans Office

Samantha Gierbolini

Administrative Aide II

M Maude Kebbon

Executive Assistant to the Dean

Development and Alumni Relations

Michelle Fung Barran

Events Manager

Sally Marshall

Director of Development

Bradley Temple

Administrative Aide II

Division of Special Studies

Michelle Chang

Junior Research Scientist

Tamara Holloway

Junior Research Scientist

Cindy Lin

Administrative Secretary II

DNP Program

Matthew Scott Jenkins

Program Administrator, DNP Program

Hartford Institute

Yamilee J. Bazile

Assistant Research Scientist

Cynthia Patricia Chong

Project Coordinator

Kimberly Hom

Junior Research Scientist

Mary Christine Jared

Senior Training Specialist

Cinnamon St. John

Associate Director, Business Operations and Development

Human Resources and Faculty Services

Nicolas J Heller

Faculty Affairs HR Administrator

Susan Michelle Lippman

Director, Human Resources and Faculty Affairs

Jasmine Mentore

Senior Human Resources Assistant

Arlette Molina

HR Administrator

Nicole Niermeyer

Human Resources Generalist

Information Technology

Josue P Berra

Systems Administrator

Kevin A Birk

Help Desk and AV Manager

Robert Louis Gryzynger

Web Developer

Tzvi Hirsh Korik

Senior Web Developer

David O. Resto

Director, Technology and Client Services

Rwei Hwa Su

Senior Systems Administrator

IT Help Desk

Milind Adari

PC Technician

Adrian Berry

Media Services Technician

David Castellano

Media Services Technician I

Nathaniel Ridgard

Media Services Technician

Felix Rodriguez

PC Technician

Shannon Roman

Media Services Technician

MS Program Office

Sangeeta Bhojwani

Associate Director, Graduate Programs

Sidney Bryant

Administrative Aide I

Denise Krassner

Administrative Aide II

Joy Lauriette

Administrative Aide II

Nahid Sultana

Administrative Aide I


Eugenia Bachaleda

Assistant Director, E Learning

Yvonne M Casuso

Manager, Membership and Business Development

Catherine ONeill DAmico

Director, NICHE

Dina Maria Figueroa Bell

Administrative Aide II

Norriena Jordan

E Learning Specialist

Lorena Maceira Villalobos

Leadership Training Program Coordinator

Hermann Mazard

Assistant Director, Business Operations

Joanna Melendez

Senior Budget Analyst

Inna Popil

Associate Director, Continuing Care Program

Antesh Sharma

Continuing Care Program Coordinator

Samara Arden Sweig

Associate Director, Operations

Damian Velez

Computer Support Technician I

Nursing Research

Elizabeth Applegate

Senior Interventionist

Alena Campo

Assistant Research Scientist

Suzanne Cornell

Field Supervisor

Hannah Ford

Assistant Research Scientist

Ruth Gonzalez

Program Coordinator

Christopher Hilliard

Junior Research Scientist

Ashly E Jordan

Associate Research Scientist

Daniel Kelly

Assistant Research Scientist

Alexandra H Kutnick

Research Scientist

Eva Liang

Assistant Research Scientist

Belkis Y. Martinez

Junior Research Scientist

Talaya Mccright Gill

Anassa Miller

Assistant Research Scientist

Sarah Miner

Post Doctoral Associate

Sarah Y Nowlin

Post Doctoral Associate

Amanda Ritchie

Research Scientist

Stephen Jeremy Rowe

Senior Research Scientist

Dawa Sherpa

Assistant Research Scientist

Daniel J Smith

Assistant Research Scientist

Dorline S Yee

Research Scientist

Victoria Zaleski

Junior Research Scientist

NYUCN Global

Katherine Gallant

Assistant Research Scientist

Tasha Nicole Houston

Junior Research Scientist

Kerry R Stalonas

Assistant Director, Global Operations


Lance Irving

Associate Director, Administrative Operations and Facilities Management

Tokay R Mitchell

Administrative Aide I

PhD Program Office

Herina Kakomo Ayot

Administrative Aide II

Elmer O Templeton

Assistant Director, Phd Program

Post Doctoral Fellows

Phylicia Bediako

Post Doctoral Fellow

Nisha Nicole Beharie

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Keosha Bond

Post Doctoral Fellow

Stephanie Campos

Post Doctoral Fellow

Elizabeth Nielson

Post Doctoral Fellow

Brett Wolfson Stofko

Post Doctoral Fellow