Laptop/Tablet PC Requirements

Laptop/Tablet PC Requirements

Registered students at NYU Meyers are required to have, for exams and other purposes, a portable computer device that meets the following requirements.

Hardware Requirements

  • 4GB of Memory (RAM)
  • 80 GB Hard-drive of free space
  • Wireless card with 802.11 capability
  • Integrated Webcam and Microphone


Software Requirements

  • An authentic and registered Windows or Apple macOS (not iOS) operating system with the latest updates
  • Microsoft Office 2010 or above 
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection (Anti-virus) provided free by NYU (
  • PDF reading software(e.g. Adobe Reader) 

Nursing Informatics Students Only (Required for specialty courses)

  • MS Access (Provided Office365 version only installs to Windows OS*)
  • MS Visio (Provided Office365 version only installs to Windows OS*)
  • MS Project (Provided Office365 version only installs to Windows OS*)

*MacOS users needing this are encouraged to purchase a Windows 10 license separately and install it using bootcamp or a virtual machine. Please contact with any questions about this.


You can download Microsoft Office 365 for free with your valid NYU email address by visiting

For students in the Nursing Informatics, Masters and Advanced Certificate Programs,  
in addition to the above requirements, the Nursing Informatics specialty courses will require 
Microsoft Access, Visio and Project Management application software.

If you are shopping for a new laptop, NYU Meyers highly encourages you to look at the offerings from the NYU Computer Store. The store has competitive pricing. Review the University's recommended models