Instructional Technology

Instructional Technology Title

Welcome to Instructional Technology!

We are here to support you and your students in or out of the classroom by using educational technology.


The vision of Instructional Technology is to support faculty, administrators, and students to improve the learning experience through the following areas:

  • Educational Research - drawing upon relevant areas such as cognitive science, learning science, and learning experience design
  • Pedagogical Strategies - collaborating with instructors to design, revise, and implement effective instruction
  • Educational Technology - supporting the effective and efficient use of educational tools
  • Emerging Technologies - exploring, evaluating, and implementing new tools that improve the teaching and learning experience


Instructional Technology provides a collection of services to support our vision including:

  • Provide ongoing technical support for educational tools used in the classroom
  • Offer regular consultation opportunities to collaborate with faculty through:
    • instructional support projects
    • office hours
    • course modernization
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing on current and upcoming educational tools

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