Nursing is an increasingly complex and exciting field, standing as one of the fastest-growing segments in healthcare. With over three million members, it is one of the largest groups of healthcare workers in the US. At NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing, we address the diverse needs of aspiring nursing students at all levels. Whether you are considering our BS, MS, post-master's advanced certificate, DNP, or PhD programs, the NYU Meyers Office of Admissions and Student Affairs is dedicated to helping you succeed. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


Contact the NYU Meyers Office of Admissions and Student Affairs at or 212-998-5317. 
For undergraduate admissions inquiries email For graduate admissions inquiries email


Amy J.B. Knowles headshot

Amy J.B. Knowles

Associate Dean, Student Affairs & Admissions
Joseph Valiakulathil headshot

Joseph Valiakulathil

Assistant Director, Graduate Student Affairs and Admissions
Ashley Mott Headshot

Ashley Mott

Assistant Director, Undergraduate Student Affairs and Admissions
Lauriann Kormylo Headshot

Lauriann Elise Kormylo

Student Affairs Officer
Julie A. Rubio Headshot

Julie A. Rubio

Scholarship Officer
Anaya Noelle Curry headshot

Anaya Noelle Curry

Administrative Aide II