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A key component of NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing’s mission, as an integral part of a research-one private university “in the public service,” is to generate new knowledge and demonstrate the highest standards of excellence in research and scholarship for a global society. NYU Meyers faculty have expanded the scope and number of local, national, and international projects. As a result of the College’s commitment to innovative, evidence-based approaches to healthcare delivery, we rank 5th in funding from the NIH.

To generate this new knowledge and to advance scholarship, the College has several active research centers and grants including:

Post-doctoral associates

NYU Meyers has active post-doctoral associates who work with mentors to develop knowledge, methodologies, and interventions aimed at improving health outcomes. Their areas of interest align with one of the College's areas of emphasis: chronic conditions, geriatrics, infectious disease, health services. 

Training support is provided for a two-year period. Support includes an annual stipend (set by NIH based upon years of experience since earned doctorate) and health benefits. Additional funds are available to cover conference attendance, training seminars, and research-related expenses.

The program is open to all individuals who meet the following criteria:

  • Completed dissertation within the last two years or who will have completed it by July 1st.
  • Earned PhD or equivalent in nursing or master's degree in nursing and PhD or equivalent in a health-related field.

NYU Meyers post-doctoral associate application is currently closed. Please check back as information about new opportunities will be posted here. 

Research Projects

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LEveraging A viRtual eNvironment (LEARN) to Enhance Prevention of HIV-related Comorbidities in at-risk Minority MSM

PI/DirectorS Raquel Ramos
Project Period

The long-term goal of this research is to utilize a VE as a means to increase access to online social supports and increase health promotion skills that can be transferred to the real world and result in the prevention of HIV-related cardiovascular and metabolic conditions.

The Hospice Advanced Dementia Symptom Management and Quality of Life Trial (HAS-QOL)

PI/DirectorAbraham A. Brody
Project Period

The R33 component of this study will complete a three-year pragmatic stepped wedge randomized clinical trial of the Aliviado Dementia Care- Hospice Edition, with the goal of improving quality of care for the person with dementia and their caregiver, reducing antipsychotic use, and increasing bereaved caregiver satisfaction in the hospice setting.

Emergency-Department Initiated Palliative Care in Older Adults with Advanced Illness

PI/DirectorAbraham A. Brody
Project Period

Co-Investigator and nurse lead of a grant to perform a multi-site pragmatic, comparative effectiveness study of primary versus specialist palliative care for patients seen in the emergency department.

Improving Sleep Using Mentored Behavioral and Environmental Restructuring in Nursing Homes

PI/DirectorAbraham A. Brody
Project Period

The goal of this study will be to perform a stepped-wedge randomized trial of the Improving Sleep Using Mentored Behavioral and Environmental Restructuring (SLUMBER), an evidence-based, non-pharmacological, interprofessional, clinician- influenced intervention, utilizing three strategies: 1) cognitive behavioral therapy-insomnia (CBT-I), 2) environmental monitoring and modification, and 3) interprofessional team-building with the aims

Home-based Primary Care for Homebound Seniors: a Randomized Controlled Trial

PI/DirectorAbraham A. Brody
Project Period

A randomized controlled trial intervention of usual office-based primary care versus house calls on symptom control, utilization, caregiver satisfaction and burden.

A Multi-Site Cluster RCT of the Dementia Symptom Management At Home Program

PI/DirectorAbraham A. Brody
Project Period

A multi-site cluster randomized trial to assess the efficacy of the Dementia Symptom Management at Home Program’s impact on improving quality of life for persons with dementia-caregiver dyads living in the community receiving home healthcare.

NICHE LTC Expansion

Project Period

The goal is to support the expansion and adaptation of the NICHE program into long-term care settings: nursing homes, assisted living, and post-acute care. 

NYU Womens Heart Attack Research Program (HARP)

Project Period

The objective of this project is to address gender disparities in CVD outcomes : 1) higher prevalence of non-obstructive CAD among women with MI (MINOCA) and 2) greater severity and adverse impact of psychosocial stress among women with MI. 

The development of a couples-focused intervention to enhance uptake of evidenced combined HIV preventative methods for African American youth and their romantic partners

PI/DirectorYzette Lanier
Project Period

The goal is to address an important gap in current national HIV prevention efforts by conducting formative research needed to develop an evidence informed HIV behavioral intervention focused on African American heterosexually identified adolescent couples.

Oral health Nursing Education & Practice (OHNEP)

PI/DirectorJudith Haber
Project Period

OHNEP will partner with IPEC Collaborative members/organizations to advance the adoption of the innovative OHNEP- developed HEENOT (head, ears, eyes, nose, ORAL CAVITY, throat) approach versus the traditional HEENT approach as the new standard of care for conducting a health history.

An Innovative Academic-Clinical Partnership: Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Preceptor Development Program (PC-NP-PDP)

PI/DirectorDonna Hallas
Project Period

The goal is to increase the number of trained NP clinical preceptors by designing, implementing, and evaluating an innovative Academic Clinical Partnership (ACP) featuring a web-based Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Preceptor Development Program (PC-NP-PDP) for experienced and novice preceptors.

A Clinical/Community Partnership to Expand Primary Care of Older Adults (CC-PCOA)

PI/DirectorTara Cortes
Project Period

This innovative proposal creates a paradigm shift from the traditional perception of primary care as a visit to a doctor to one where primary care practice is woven throughout a continuum of locations extending from the doctor to services in the community where care plans can be enhanced to attain better health outcomes through non-traditional interventions.