Research at the NYU College of Nursing

A key component of NYU College of Nursing’s mission, as an integral part of a research-one private university “in the public service,” is to generate new knowledge and demonstrate the highest standards of excellence in research and scholarship for a global society. NYU College of Nursing faculty have expanded the scope and number of local, national, and international projects. As a result of the college’s commitment to innovative, evidence-based approaches to health care delivery, the college ranks 6th in research funding among colleges and schools of nursing from the National Institutes of Health.

Four Critical Areas of Research

Infectious Diseases and Global Health
The college has expanded its presence in global public health, seeking to address critical issues in global health. This work intersects with the significant growth of university-wide international initiatives as New York University transforms itself into a global network university.

NYU College of Nursing faculty lead a variety of international projects including addressing global health care workforce issues, building sustainable and culturally appropriate collaborations, and conducting research studies. A priority of the college’s international work is to expand the capacity of nurses and nurse-educators in research and evidence-based practice, particularly in low-income countries, where nurses and other mid-level health workers confront high rates of maternal and child mortality and HIV/AIDS.

Health Systems
The college is a leader in creating innovative, evidence-based approaches to health care, and improving access to quality, humane health care. Faculty research includes developing new models for health care delivery, and collecting and analyzing nursing workforce data.

NYU College of Nursing continues to use research methodology to determine best practice in delivery of health care to older adults. Its renowned Hartford Institute of Geriatric Nursing has developed geriatric nursing projects that are disseminated nation- and worldwide.

Chronic Disease Management
NYU College of Nursing faculty lead research in the prevention and management of chronic diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Interdisciplinary collaboration with health care delivery partners fosters an environment to collect and analyze data to inform evidence-based best practices in health care delivery.