Fidelindo Lim

Fidelindo Lim


Clinical Assistant Professor

1 212 992 9078

433 First Avenue
Room 431
New York, NY 10010
United States

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Professional overview


Fidel Lim has worked as a critical care nurse for 18 years and concurrently, since 1996, has been a faculty member at New York University Rory Meyers College of Nursing. As the faculty advisor to various student groups (Undergraduate Nursing Student Organization, Asian Pacific-Islander Nursing Students Association, Men Entering Nursing, and the LGBT group) he has, among other things, fostered salience in nursing education through high-quality extra-curricular programming. His work as a Nurse Educator in a Magnet-designated hospital provides sustainable staff-focused educational support. He is particularly interested in bridging gaps in nurse engagement and practice excellence. Dr. Lim has published articles on an array of topics ranging from clinical practice, nursing education issues, LGBT health disparities, reflective practice, men in nursing, and Florence Nightingale among others.

DNP - Northeastern University
MA - New York University
BSN - Far Eastern University, Manila, Philippines
Honors and awards
Distinguished Clinical Nursing Faculty Award - NYU, College of Nursing - Undergraduate Nursing Students Association; (2015)
Baccalaureate Faculty Excellence Award - NYU, College of Nursing Students Association; (2014)
Nursing Education Foundation Scholarship Award, National League for Nursing; (2013)
Nurse Educator of the Year, Philippine Nurses Association of New York, Inc. (2013)
Acute care
Professional membership
American Nurses Association New York;
American Association of Critical Care Nurses;
American Assembly for Men in Nursing:
New York City Men in Nursing;
Philippine Nurses Association of New York;
National League for Nursing (NLN);
Gay and Lesbian Medical Association;
Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International

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