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Fidel Lim, DNP, CCRN, is a clinical associate professor and has been a faculty member at Meyers since 1996. He has worked as a critical care nurse for more than 18 years. As the faculty advisor to various student-led groups, including the Asian Pacific-Islander Nursing Students Association, Men Entering Nursing, and the LGBT-NSA group, he has, among other things, fostered salience in nursing education through high-quality extra-curricular programming. His work as a nurse educator in a magnet-designated hospital provides sustainable staff-focused educational support. He is particularly interested in bridging gaps in nurse engagement and practice excellence. Lim has published articles on an array of topics ranging from clinical practice, nursing education issues, LGBT health disparities, reflective practice, men in nursing, and Florence Nightingale among others. Lim is a faculty advisor for the Honors Program.

Lim completed his DNP at Northeastern University, MA at New York University, and BSN at Far Eastern University, in Manila, Philippines.

DNP - Northeastern University
MA - New York University
BSN - Far Eastern University, Manila, Philippines

Acute care
Critical care

American Nurses Association New York
American Association of Critical Care Nurses
American Association for Men in Nursing
Gay and Lesbian Medical Association
Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International
National League for Nursing (NLN)
New York Academy of Medicine
New York City Men in Nursing
Philippine Nurses Association of New York

Faculty Honors Awards

Inducted as a Fellow - American Academy of Nursing (AAN) (2022)
Nurse Faculty Scholars Mentored Writing Award - American Journal of Nursing (2022)
Nursing Education Award - American Nurses Association New York (2021)
Fellow - New York University Aging Incubator (2021)
Nurse Influencer - American Nurses Association (2020)
DAISY Foundation Award for Extraordinary Nursing Faculty – NYU Meyers (2020)
National League of Nursing (NLN) Innovation Center, Honorable Mention for article "Nursing Humanities: Teaching for a Sense of Salience" (2019)
Fellow - New York Academy of Medicine (2019)
Member of the Year - American Association for Men in Nursing (2018)
Rose and George Doval Teaching Award - NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing (2017)
Distinguished Clinical Nursing Faculty Award - NYU, College of Nursing - Undergraduate Nursing Students Association (2015)
Baccalaureate Faculty Excellence Award - NYU, College of Nursing Students Association (2014)
Nurse Educator of the Year, Philippine Nurses Association of New York, Inc. (2013)
Nursing Education Foundation Scholarship Award, National League for Nursing (2013)


The Inclusion of LGBTQ+ Health across the Lifespan in Pre-Registration Nursing Programmes: Qualitative Findings from a Mixed-Methods Study

Lim, F., Brown, M., McCann, E., & McCormick, F. (2023). Healthcare, 11. 10.3390/healthcare11020198.
Poor physical and mental ill-health is experienced by many LGBTQ+ people, compounded by a reluctance to access healthcare services. This reluctance is attributed to experiences of heteronormative assumptions and negative attitudes encountered. Despite increasing recognition of the need to include LGBTQ+ health in undergraduate healthcare programmes, inconsistencies and gaps in content, skills development, and assessment are still apparent. The aim of the study was to identify LGBTQ+ health content within nursing and midwifery pre-registration programmes and identify education best practice and innovation. A mixed-methods study involving a quantitative and qualitative design was undertaken. The qualitative findings from a nursing perspective were extracted from the dataset for further detailed analysis and are reported in this paper. Information about the study and an online survey were distributed to 135 Schools of Nursing and Midwifery in the UK and Ireland. Individual semi-structured online interviews took place with academics. Qualitative data from 29 survey responses and 12 follow-up interviews were thematically analysed. Eight of the 12 follow-up interviews were held with nursing academics and following data analysis three themes emerged: (i) LGBTQ+ health across the lifespan; (ii) taking the initiative for LGBTQ+ health inclusion; and (iii) identifying and overcoming challenges. The findings highlight the endeavours by nursing academics to integrate LGBTQ+ health within pre-registration programmes to meet the education needs of students and the opportunity to develop curriculum content to address the needs and concerns of LGBTQ+ people across the lifespan.

Differentiation syndrome: An emerging oncologic complication

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Everything I wanted to learn in nursing I learned in fundamental of nursing

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Taking the lead from Florence Nightingale

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