Honors Seminar: Nursing Practice, Research, Education, and Service

NURSE-UN 8, 1 Credits, (Fall)

This nursing honors seminar is designed to introduce scholars in the LEAD Honors Program at NYU Meyers to the four nursing pillars of the LEAD Honors Program model: nursing practice, research, education, and service. The seminar encourages discussion of the role of the nurse in each of the four pillars, including serving as leaders in nursing and interprofessional teams. The ANA (2015) Standards and Scope of Practice will be evaluated as it impacts student and professional practice. The teaching methodologies impacting the learning pillar will be evaluated. The seminar provides a forum for the LEAD Scholar to explore the four domains in relation to personal preference and goals and promotes individual leadership development as a precursor to the selection of the LEAD Honors Capstone pillar and topic in the junior and senior years.