Issues and Trends in Nursing and Health Care

NURSE-GN 2041, 3 Credits, (Spring, Fall, January)

In this course, students analyze current political, social, and economic issues and trends that affect health care delivery, nursing, and health policy. The course focuses on the United States and includes global issues that affect health care systems and delivery of care. Students develop strategies for collaborating with individuals and organizations in efforts to enhance health equity and the quality of care for patients and populations of diverse racial, ethnic, gender, and other identities. The course covers credentialing of advanced practice nurses and its importance in providing high quality care. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to develop and pursue their professional goals in terms of participation and leadership in professional organizations, engaging in civic participation, and obtaining and using health policy evidence and information to advance health equity. Coursework entails individual and group assignments in both synchronous and asynchronous modes. This is a required core course for all master’s students at NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing and open to other NYU graduate students with permission of the instructor.