Undergraduate Experiential Learning in Global Public Health

UGPH-GU 60, 4 Credits, (Spring, Fall)

The global health undergraduate experiential learning experience has a three-fold goal: It: 1) broadens the student's exposure to public health issues, 2) facilitates opportunities for students to observe public health work and leadership in action, and 3) increases the student’s knowledge of specific career opportunities. The integration of didactic and fieldwork experiences provide the student with opportunities to critically reflect on the fieldwork experience, complete a public health project that is mutually beneficial to the student and the university, and synthesizes public health approaches. Students enroll in either an individual project, similar to a traditional internship, or a team-based project where students are assigned to small teams to complete their experiential learning fieldwork on the first day of class. Fieldwork focuses on a public health issue on NYU’s New York campus.