Writing The Essay:

EXPOS-UA 1, 4 Credits, (FallSpringSummer)

This foundational writing course is required for CAS, Engineering, Stern, Nursing, Social Work, and Steinhardt incoming undergraduates. Writing The Essay provides instruction and practice in critical reading, creative and logical thinking, and clear, persuasive writing. Students learn to analyze and interpret written texts, to use texts as evidence, to develop ideas, and to write exploratory and argumentative essays. Exploration, inquiry, reflection, analysis, revision, and collaborative learning are emphasized. In Fall, sections 16-125 are available to incoming undergraduates on the WSQ campus and sections 126-160 are available to incoming undergraduates on the BROOKLYN campus. Students are NOT permitted to add or switch sections after the first week of classes without first obtaining EWP permission. Contact: dm1@nyu.edu Two special versions requiring department consent are available to qualifying undergraduates. Writing the Essay, Science (sections 1-7 offered both Fall and Spring) is tailored for UA or UN students with a STRONG interested in science, medicine or psychology. Students must contact an advisor to discuss this option and obtain access. Writing The Essay, Goddard (sections 8-15, offered in Fall only) is offered ONLY for students who live in the Goddard Residence. Each stream focuses on some aspect of New York City and the Arts: All The World's a Stage, Global New York, Writing New York, and Poverty and Affluence. For access contact Ethan Youngerman: ewy200@nyu.edu Please note: EXPOS-UA 4 International Writing Workshop 1 is equivalent to and will substitute for EXPOS-UA 1 Writing The Essay for incoming freshmen or transfers for whom English is a second language. Only International students in UA, UE, UB, US, UN and UY may qualify to take this course instead of Writing The Essay. For information on eligibility or to learn about the course contact your advisor, visit our website, or contact Denice Martone at dm1@nyu.edu.