Writing The Essay:

EXPOS-UA 1, 4 Credits, (Fall, Spring, Summer)

This foundational writing course is required for CAS, Nursing, Social Work, Steinhardt and Tandon incoming undergraduates. "Writing the Essay'' provides instruction and practice in critical reading, creative and logical thinking, and clear, persuasive writing. Students learn to analyze and interpret written texts, to use texts as evidence, to develop ideas, and to write exploratory and argumentative essays. Exploration, inquiry, reflection, analysis, revision, and collaborative learning are emphasized. For Fall 2022, sections 009 -125 are available to incoming undergraduates on the WSQ campus. Sections 126-171 are available to incoming undergraduates at Tandon on the BROOKLYN campus. Sections are limited to 15 students. Please note these exceptions. --Sections 001 through 008 (Writing The Essay: Science and Society) are reserved for CAS first-year students with a strong interest in science/pre-health who have been placed in this course by the Office of New Students as a part of the cohort program. CAS students with questions should contact casvirtualadvisor@nyu.edu. These sections are not open to other students and there are no exceptions. -- Sections 096 through 098 are online sections reserved to accomodate students with travel restrictions or who have approved accommodations. For permission and to be enrolled, the advisor must contact EWP on behalf of the student (ewp@nyu.edu)