Academic Programs

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Located in the heart of one of the world’s great cities, NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing offers an array of highly-rated programs tailored to fit the diverse needs of today’s nursing students at all levels.

The college’s rigorous academic programs and teaching-oriented faculty give students the foundation they need to excel in their chosen specialties. Widely acclaimed researchers mentor students, enabling them to build their own research careers. State-of-the-art facilities ensure students develop the skills they need to meet the high-tech challenges of today’s -- and tomorrow’s -- healthcare environment.

NYU Meyers offers a BS (15-month accelerated and traditional four-year), MS and post-master's advanced certificate programs, a DNP, and a PhD in research theory and development. The curriculum incorporates evidence-based classroom and clinical learning to prepare nurses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Please review the detailed information provided for each nursing program, including eligibility, curriculum, and information on how to apply. Information about NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing’s state-of-the-art Clinical Simulation Learning Center and the healthcare organizations that provide clinical learning experiences for students are also provided.

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The NYU Meyers undergraduate BS program emphasizes hands-on clinical experience, providing students with opportunities for international study, advanced learning, and realistic simulations. 


NYU Meyers provides diverse acute and primary care nurse specialties for master's programs while delivering comprehensive knowledge in a range of chosen fields. 

Advanced Certificate

NYU Meyers offers the opportunity for nurses with a master's degree to specialize and advance their careers by enrolling in our graduate-level advanced certificate program. This program allows individuals to refine their skills for specific nursing specialties and positions them for success in their chosen field.


The two doctoral programs offered at NYU Meyers prepare nurses at the highest academic level for advanced clinical practice and the ability to conduct research in enhancing individual and community health, improving health equity, and strengthening health systems.