NYU Meyers Alumni Association

The Alumni Association serves as the gateway for alumni to stay connected with each other, students, and the school through events, programs, communications, and recognition of outstanding alumni in the field.  All alumni are members of the Alumni Association.

Board Members

The Alumni Association is governed by the Board of Directors who oversees programs and communications that support the alumni community and the school. 

Board members are expected to:

  • Attend key alumni events and programs
  • Make an annual gift to the school
  • Attend and participate in board meetings
  • Serve as ambassadors for the school

If you are interested in joining the board, please contact the Alumni Relations office at nursing.alumni@nyu.edu.  A member of the nominating committee will contact you with more information. 

Current Board Members

Catherine D'Amico PhD '07, President

Mary Anne Gallagher MA '84, Vice President

Kathleen Engber MS ‘85, Secretary

Megan Corley DNP '18, MS '12, Nominations Committee

Adam Hadas BS '17, Nominations Committee

Jamesetta A. Halley-Boyce MA '73, Nominations Committee

Noreen Brennan PhD '13, MA '96, Alumni Advisor

Sophia Brown MS '08, Alumni Advisor

Natalia Cineas BS '06, MS '09 (WAG), Alumni Advisor

Minjae Kim MS '17, Alumni Advisor

Esteen Ladson Barnes BS '03, MPA '97 (WAG)

Fidelindo Lim MA '96

Melissa Ojemeni PhD '18

Marianne Roncoli PhD '73, Alumni Advisor

Renee Sanchez MS '13

Peter Stoffan BS '12, MPH '17 (WAG)

Aileen Tanafranca MS '09, BS '03, Alumni Advisor

Richardeana Theodore MA '76, Alumni Advisor

Sharon Wexler PhD '07, MA '85, Alumni Advisor

Sylvia Williams MA '75, Alumni Advisor

Gisselle Perez, ANSO Advisor

Jae Hyung Park, DSO Advisor

Hannah Moses, UNSO Advisor