Estelle Osborne award winners with Dean Eileen Sullivan-Marx

Alumni Awards

NYU Meyers College of Nursing annually recognizes the achievements of its alumni. To nominate someone for an award, please contact

Distinguished Alumni Award

The Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes an NYU Meyers graduate who has demonstrated extraordinary achievement, leadership, and innovation in their career and advanced the profession of nursing.

Diane O. McGivern Award

The Diane O. McGivern Award recognizes an NYU Meyers graduate for outstanding work in legislation and policy on behalf of professional nursing.

Estelle Osborne Award

The Estelle Osborne Award honors African American and black nursing alumni and faculty who have advanced the professional development of nurses, have served as role models, and continue to be active leaders in the nursing profession. Estelle Osborne (1901-1981) was the first black faculty appointed from 1945-1954 in what is now NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing. She was also the first black nurse to receive a master’s degree, awarded by Teachers College at Columbia University, in 1931.

Grace E. Davidson Award

The Grace E. Davidson Award recognizes a nursing administrator of a health care agency who has significantly enhanced the educational experience of nursing students. 

Maes MacInnes Award

The Maes MacInnes Award recognizes an NYU Meyers graduate for outstanding work in clinical innovation on behalf of professional nursing.

Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award is given annually to honor a recent graduate of NYU Meyers who has made great strides in his or her nursing career while representing and supporting the mission and values of the College. The nominee may be a graduate from any of the programs in the College and should have graduated within the past five years. 

Rose & George Doval Education Award

The Rose & George Doval Education Award recognizes an NYU Meyers graduate for achievements that influence nursing education through creative and humanistic approaches while instilling passion in students.