Men Entering Nursing (MEN)

The purpose of Men Entering Nursing (MEN) is to provide structure for all nursing students within NYU Meyers to come together as a group and share, inform, and help change the concerns and perceptions that affect men and what it means to be a male in the field of nursing. Our group allows students and faculty to develop a framework of support and assistance. Through mentorship and encouragement, we continue to make strong contributions to the local and national chapters of Men in Nursing.

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Sugin Li

Co-President Harry Kim
Vice President  Liam Higgins


Eric Li 


Calvin Tan

Volunteer Co-Coordinator

Nicholas Mun

Volunteer Co-Coordinator

Joon Kim

Social Media Co-Coordinator

Alexander Roesler

Social Media Co-Coordinator

Shaqib Minhaj Alam

Social Media Co-Coordinator

Irene Lee

Faculty Advisor

Fidel Lim

Faculty Advisor Chin Park