Susan Kun Leddy Memorial Scholarship Fund

Awarded: Fall or Spring

Dr. Susan Kun Leddy received her PhD from NYU Rory Meyers College of Nursing in 1968. She was dedicated to helping nurses advance the science of nursing through theory, research, and teaching.  Dr. Leddy was the author of multiple textbooks, including Leddy and Pepper’s Conceptual Bases for Professional Nursing and Integrative Health Promotion: Conceptual Bases for Nursing Practice. Her effort to further the Science of Unitary Human Beings is well appreciated and is demonstrated by the increasing use of her Human Energy Model. Dr. Leddy made a lasting contribution to nursing and to the Science of Unitary Human Beings.  

Erin Leddy, in honor of her mother, has established the Susan Kun Leddy Memorial Scholarship Fund, which is open to all part-time and full-time students enrolled in the Masters, PhD Program or the DNP Program. 

Eligibility and Submission Requirements

  1. Applicant must be a full-time or part-time student enrolled in the Master's, PhD or DNP Program. 
  2. Applicant should be committed to research or teaching.  (You are welcome to apply if you don’t fit this eligibility requirement.  Please apply and state your plans for the future in the required essay.)
  3. Applicant must submit a current resume
  4. Applicant must submit a one-page essay stating how receiving the Susan Kun Leddy Memorial
  5. Applicant must submit a statement regarding how this scholarship may impact your life, noting your commitment to research or teaching, and your post-graduation plans

*Note to all applicants: The donor of the scholarship will read all applicant essays*