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Undergraduate and graduate nursing students are encouraged to visit the NYU Study Abroad site to learn about the exciting study abroad opportunities offered in such locations as Berlin, Florence, Ghana, London, Madrid, Paris, Prague, Shanghai, Buenos Aires, and Tel Aviv!

NYU Study Abroad opportunities cater to students with diverse academic, travel, and social needs. NYU Meyers faculty members believe in the power of international immersion and encourage students to study abroad.

Please email or with any questions about our current study away courses, listed below:


Spring Semester Options for Undergraduate Students

Traditional undergraduate nursing students at NYU Meyers are able to study away during the spring semester of their second/sophomore year. Students should work with their Nursing Academic Advisor to plan a course schedule that will allow for study away.

View the traditional 4-year undergraduate program progression.


Study Away in Summer 2023 in Accra, Ghana

Arial view of Accra, Ghana; Photo people at a fruit market; Kwame Nkrumah Park and Mausoleum

NYU Meyers and the Office of Global Programs (OGP) are excited to expand the study away offerings to our Nursing undergraduate and master’s program students this year.  We will be offering several courses at NYU Accra in Summer 2023 that can meet your degree progression and requirements here at Meyers.  Please email us at to receive additional information and updates!

Our course offerings at NYU Accra will include 12-day short-term and six-week longer-term courses lead by faculty with extensive experience in Ghana. Through partner meetings and site visits, the courses will be filled with experiential learning opportunities to widen your knowledge and perspective of global healthcare systems.  Students will have unique opportunities to learn about public and population-focused care in Ghana, engage with non-profit healthcare organizations, and compare healthcare systems between the US and Ghana while immersing themselves in the Ghanaian culture.

Ghana is known for its beautiful beaches, landscapes, and diverse wildlife. The country is also home, however, to fast-growing cities, a very diverse population, and variable patient care conditions between its urban and rural areas – all of which will make for the perfect healthcare-related study away experience!

12-Day Programs Offered Through NYU Meyers

May 19 - May 30, 2023: Population-Focused Care, NURSE-GN2011 (3 credits)

Program Eligibility: Master’s Students   

Course Description: Explores advanced professional practice related to the health of populations, focusing on the determinants of health and disease in populations, and health promotion and disease prevention. Strategies to improve the health of populations, and potential nursing contributions will be considered. Data sources for public health assessment and epidemiologic analyses are examined. Cultural and political competencies are also addressed.  This project-based course allows students to apply the principles of population health to a student team-selected population of interest by conducting a Health Impact Assessment on a program, policy, or project that serves the population of interest.

May 19 – May 30, 2023:  Student Global Immersion Experience

Program Eligibility: Undergraduate Students going into Sequence III in Summer or Fall 2023

Course Description: International service learning experiences offer students the opportunity to immerse themselves in other cultures while giving them the necessary hands-on clinical practice that not only improves their critical thinking but fosters cultural awareness and humility. Students participating in this immersion experience will be able to gain hands-on experience providing care for pediatric and adult patients in a rural setting. Students will be able to experience firsthand how major social, cultural, economic, political, and environmental forces affect the health, well-being, and human rights of people around the world.  Major health risks and problems as well as health disparities and access to care will be explored. Students will be able to assist in providing care to underserved individuals who have limited access to healthcare services or cannot afford medical care. Students will not only come out with this incredible experience but also the skills equipped to help them better care for the populations they serve while allowing them to have a broader scope of holistic approaches to care.

6-Week Program Offered Through NYU Global Programs

May 21 - June 30, 2023: NY Accra Summer Study Away

Program Eligibility: Undergraduate students with at least one semester completed

Program Description: The NYU-wide summer study away program at NYU Accra offers a number of courses of interest to students in Nursing and other health-related fields, liberal arts courses, and internship opportunities. Courses planned for Summer 2023 include:

Biostatistics for Public Health, UGPH-GU 9020 (4 credits, counts towards Nursing Statistics degree requirement)

This course introduces basic concepts and techniques in the analysis of public health data. It is an applied course, emphasizing the use, interpretation, and limits of statistical analysis. Real-world examples are used as illustrations, and computer-based data analysis is integrated into the course. Students will be introduced to the basic principles of statistical software: R programming language. Students will learn how to write code in R to complete exploratory and statistical analysis of public health data.

Community Psychology, APSY-UE 9005 (4 credits, counts towards Liberal Arts degree requirement)

Community psychology focuses on the application of psychological theory, concepts, and knowledge to address the needs, concerns, and aspirations of communities. This course will introduce students to the field of community psychology with an emphasis on the theory and methods of community psychology within the context of the psycho-social needs of Ghanaian society. Topics include the history of community psychology; doing community research; prevention and health promotion; interventions and program evaluation; community mental health, understanding communities, and social and community change.

Food, Culture & Globalization: Accra, FOOD-UE 9186 (2 credits, counts towards Liberal Arts degree requirement)

This course is designed to put into perspective the interactions between culture, food systems, migration, and globalization, and how the interactions are impacting the food security and nutrition of the people. The course will detail local culture and traditions (including changes over the years), foodways, the current food environment, and the drivers of the nutrition transition. The course will help students to understand the importance of nutrition-sensitive agriculture in food systems, the impacts of urbanization/migration, and the influence of government policies on these dynamics. The course also has a field component which includes visits to a traditional fair (to learn about food culture and festivals), markets (traditional and modern), and fast-food outlets/restaurants.

Cultures and Contexts: The Black Atlantic, CORE-UA 9534 (4 credits, counts towards core course degree requirement)

This course considers the Black Atlantic as a socio-cultural-economic space from the first arrival of Africans in the ‘New World,’ beginning around the 15th century, through the rise of slavery in the Americas. During this class we will trace the origins and importance of the concept of the Black Atlantic within broad political contexts, paying special attention to the changing social, cultural, and economic relations that shaped community formation among people of African descent and laid the foundations for modern political and economic orders.  Once we have established those foundations, we will think about the Black Atlantic as a critical site of cultural production. Topics to be covered include African enslavement and settlement in Africa and the Americas; the development of transatlantic racial capitalism; variations in politics and culture between empires in the Atlantic world; creolization, plantation slavery, and slave society; the politics and culture of the enslaved; the Haitian Revolution; slave emancipation; and contemporary black Atlantic politics and racial capitalism.

Internship: Experiential Learning Seminar, CP-UY 2002G (2 credits, will not count towards degree requirements)

This course is required of students participating in the Summer Global Internship Program, which requires a supplemental application. Students may source their own internships or be placed in a local organization or company based on individual interests and preparation. In Accra, example placements could include Operation Smile Ghana, Princess Marie Louise Hospital, Ghana Coalition of NGOs in Health, Ghana HIV/AIDS Network (GHANET), Priorities on Rights and Sexual Health (PORSH), and Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana (PPAG).


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