Global Education

At New York University Rory Meyers College of Nursing (NYU Meyers), we are committed to creating an inclusive community, bringing a diversity of perspectives to our work, promoting equity of opportunity, and engaging in scholarship and education to build a more just society. To achieve these goals, we believe it is essential to provide nursing students with global education opportunities that will help equip them with the knowledge, competencies, and cultural sensitivities necessary to provide holistic healthcare, and help address pressing contemporary global healthcare issues.

Expanding global education opportunities for our nursing students is a ciritcal part of our work here at Meyers and also in line with New York University's (NYU) global vision. Our aim is to expose all of our graduates to the global context of nursing and healthcare.  

Building off of NYU’s global network, NYU Meyers has developed several global education opportunities though the development of long-term partnerships and sustainable programs, starting with our global sites in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and Accra, Ghana. NYU global sites present unique opportunities as a foothold in the foundation for global nursing courses, and we are committed to creating and expanding global course pathways and opportunities that meet our nursing students' degree progressions. 

Global education opportunities for our BS and MS students currently include the following semester-long and short-term programs.


  • Our traditional four-year BS students can complete a full semester study away program in their second year and starting in Spring 2025, they will have the opportunity to take a semester-long course at NYU Accra, Ghana, with our elective Global Perspectives of Women's Health and Human Rights in Africa as well as other courses related to public and community health while engaging with other NYU global health-minded students. Traditional undergraduate nursing students can also earn a minor in global public health as part of their nursing degree. NYU has 14 global sites and campuses where you can study away. Read more about NYU global site opportunities at our study away site here.  
  • Traditional BS students will also have the opportunity to study away for a six week summer program at a NYU global site in the summer of their first and second years. * All students will consult closely with an advisor to map out your semester-long study away program and degree progression.          
  • Traditional BS students in their nursing sequence, as well as our Accelerated BS students, can also take short-term (J-term and summer) courses led by NYU Meyers faculty that count towards their nursing degree.  Currently, courses are offered in Abu Dhabi, UAE and Accra, Ghana.  Over the J-term, students can travel to Abu Dhabi, UAE, to take the 3-credit elective course Comparative Health Systems, while dual-degree (BS/MS) students are also eligible to take the 3-credit core graduate course, Nursing Issues and Trends in Health Care Delivery, there.  Over the summer term, undergraduate students have the opportunity to take the 3-credit course, Perspective on Global Health & Nursing Practice, offered in Accra, Ghana.  


  • MS students can take global short-term courses led by NYU Meyers faculty, throughout the course of their program at NYU Meyers. Over the J-term, students can travel to Abu Dhabi, UAE, to take the 3-credit core graduate course Nursing Issues and Trends in Health Care Delivery and in the summer semester, MS students can take another 3-credit core course, Population-Focused Care, in Accra, Ghana.

Study Away Programs

Applications for the J-Term 2024 Study Away Program in Abu Dhabi ARE NOW OPEN through October 9, 2023

Applicants will also have the opportunity to apply for a small stipend** within their program application form!

**Students who have been awarded a travel stipend from NYU Meyers within the last 12 months are not eligible to apply for this stipend opportunity.

Students will be notified of their acceptance on Friday, October 13.    


Undergraduate Course Comparative Health Systems (3 credits)

Students in their nursing sequence are eligible to apply for this elective course that counts towards your degree credits.

Apply here for the UG course, Comparative Health Systems

Master’s Course - Nursing Issues and Trends in Health Care Delivery (3 credits)

Graduate students and students in the dual-degree program (BS/MS) can apply for this required core course that counts towards your degree.

Apply here for the Graduate course, Nursing Issues and Trends in Health Care Delivery

General Description of Courses:

Both courses will analyze health care system issues and trends globally, and explore factors that influence nursing practice. They will specifically look through a comparative health system lens at these issues in both the United States and the United Arab Emirates. The courses will be largely experiential-learning-based with daily field visits in and around the UAE. Field visits include: private and public hospitals, clinics, nursing colleges, ministry of health nursing officials, etc.

When: January 5 - 16, 2024 (2 days travel, 10 nights & 9 full days).  

Cost: Students will be responsible for tuition costs of a 3-credit hour course,  and other additional travel related/student service fee costs.  

A non-refundable deposit is required by Friday, October 20, via a certified check or money order made out to New York University, to secure acceptance. This will be put towards the student service fee.     

Information Session: 

We held a Zoom information session on Thursday, September 21, 2023. If you didn’t have a chance to attend the live event, click here to watch the recording of the session! 

A Glimpse into J-Term 2023 in Abu Dhabi:

Video of J-Term 2023 in Abu Dhabi

Questions and Additional Information:

Contact us at at any time.  No question is too small or big! 

Visit NYU Abu Dhabi Webpage.

NYU Abu Dhabi Campus Tour:

Watch the NYU Abu Dhabi Campus tour video.

Study Away in Accra in Summer 2024

Our course offerings in Accra include opportunities for both BS and MS students, see course information below. These two 12-day short-term courses will be led by Meyers faculty with extensive experience in Ghana.  Through partner meetings and site visits, the courses will be filled with experiential learning opportunities to widen your knowledge and perspective of global healthcare systems.  Students will have unique opportunities to learn about public- and population-focused care in Ghana, engage with non-profit healthcare organizations, and compare healthcare systems between the US and Ghana while immersing themselves in the Ghanaian culture.   

Ghana is known for its beautiful beaches, landscapes, and diverse wildlife. The country is also home to fast-growing cities, a very diverse population, and variable patient care conditions between its urban and rural areas–all of which make for the perfect healthcare-related study-away experience!

The program dates are June 6 - 17, 2024 (departure from NY on June 6 with arrival in Accra on June 7 and departure from Accra on June 17 with early morning arrival in NY on June 18) and applications are NOW OPEN!

Apply here for the undergraduate study away course during Summer 2024 in Accra, Ghana - Perspectives on Global Health & Nursing Practice (3 credits)

Apply here for the graduate study away course during Summer 2024 in Accra, Ghana - Population-Focused Care (3 credits)

You may also be eligible for a small Meyers stipend!

You must have a FAFSA on file (NYU School Code 002785) to apply. For more information about funding eligibility, as well as the stipend application, please follow the link below that is applicable to you. Please note that students who have received a Meyers stipend in the last 12 months are not eligible to apply.
Undergraduate Stipend Application

Graduate Stipend Application

We will be holding a Zoom Information Session on Wednesday, February 28, from 6:00pm to 7:00pm - please click  here to register! 

For additional information or questions, please do not hesitate to email us at

Undergradudate Course - Perspectives on Global Health & Nursing Practice (3 credits)


Undergraduate Students who have completed Sequence II by the end of the Spring 2024 semester.


This course is designed to provide students with an introduction to global nursing practice in the context of global health and global health competencies in a select country. Students will examine the major causes of morbidity and mortality and their variations among different income levels/regions, and the impact of public health efforts to reduce healthcare disparities in that country. The effects of globalization on health, health systems, and the delivery of healthcare for the country will be discussed with an emphasis on social, economic, and environmental determinants of health. The topics of health equity, social justice, and sociocultural and political awareness will also be explored through student experiences within the country.

Master's Course - Population-Focused Care, NURSE-GN2011 (3 credits)


Master’s Students   


This program explores advanced professional practice related to the health of populations, focusing on the determinants of health and disease in populations, and health promotion and disease prevention. Strategies to improve the health of populations, and potential nursing contributions will be considered. Data sources for public health assessment and epidemiologic analyses are examined. Cultural and political competencies are also addressed. This project-based course allows students to apply the principles of population health to a student-team-selected population of interest by conducting a health impact assessment on a program, policy, or project that serves the population of interest.

For more information: