International Education

For NYU Meyers, international education is about opportunity. We organize these opportunities in different ways for our students. 

To begin, our traditional four-year BS students can complete a study away program in their second year at NYU. Some students will take the opportunity to volunteer for international health organizations while abroad. Traditional undergraduate nursing students can also earn a minor in global public health as part of their nursing degree. 

For all students, we offer short-term courses at NYU’s international sites that fulfill degree program credits during different semesters. Currently, NYU Meyers graduate students and dual-degree (undergraduate to graduate) students can take Nursing Issues and Trends in Health Care Delivery, a core 3-credit course in the Master’s program, in Abu Dhabi, UAE, during the January term. 

Many of our students want the chance to volunteer abroad in low- and middle-income countries or extremely low-resource settings in the United States. Faculty advise interested students at the undergraduate and graduate level who seek these kinds of experiences. Through this process, recent students have created opportunities for themselves in Tanzania, Guatemala, Haiti and Nigeria. Another student completed volunteer work for the US Indian Health Service. 

Abu Dhabi, UAE

NYUAD Join NYU Meyers in Abu Dhabi in J-term 2023!!!

Who is eligible to apply: 

NYU Meyers Master's program students & dual-degree (undergraduate to graduate) students.

What Course: 

Nursing Issues and Trends in Health Care Delivery - this is a 3-credit core masters level course.

The course will analyze healthcare system issues and trends globally, and explore factors that influence nursing practice. It will specifically look through a comparative health system lens at these issues in both the US and the United Arab Emirates.  The course will be largely experiential learning with daily field visits in and around the UAE. Field visits may include private and public hospitals, clinics, nursing colleges, ministry of health nursing officials, etc.  

The course is taught by Kimberly Glassman, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Clinical Professor at NYU Meyers.  

When & Where: 

January 6 - 17, 2023 (2 days travel, 10 nights & 9 full days in Abu Dhabi, including a 1-day trip to Dubai).  Students will stay in single rooms at the Marriott Courtyard World Trade Center in downtown Abu Dhabi.   


Applications are open now.  Applications are due Friday, October 7 at 11:59 PM.  Students will be notified of their acceptance by October 14.     


Students will be responsible for tuition costs of a 3-credit hour course + other additional travel-related/student costs are estimated at $3,485. Small scholarship/stipend applications will be made available pending successful admission to the course. A $500 non-refundable deposit is required by October 21, via a check or money order made out to New York University, to secure acceptance. This $500 will be put towards travel-related/student costs.    

Questions and Additional Information:

Contact us at or at any time.  No question is too small or big!  We will also hold a final information session on Thursday, October 6 at 12:00 PM via Zoom, register today.