International Education

For our College, international education is about opportunity.  We organize these opportunities in five ways for our students and international colleagues. 

To begin, our traditional four-year BS students can complete a study abroad option in their second year at NYU. Many students will take the opportunity to volunteer for international health organizations while abroad. Traditional undergraduate nursing students can also earn a minor in global public health as part of their nursing degree. 

For all students, we offer several short courses at NYU’s international sites that fulfill degree program credits.  Interested students can learn about different health care systems through an intensive course in Florence, Italy.  A course in Buenos Aires, Argentina explores the professional development issues faced by nursing in Latin America and students reflect on how it compares to US nursing.   

Many of our students want the chance to volunteer abroad in low- and middle-income countries or extremely low-resource settings in the United States. Global Initiatives offers advisement to interested students at the undergraduate and graduate level who seek these kinds of experiences. Through this process, recent students have created opportunities for themselves in Tanzania and Guatemala. Another student completed volunteer work for the US Indian Health Service. 

Beyond just our own students, international education has no value in a globalizing world if we cannot facilitate knowledge exchanges with nursing colleagues around the world. Global Initiatives encourages visiting scholars from outside the US at two levels: The Advanced Research Development Program for PhD-prepared individuals and the Global Health Scholar program that focuses on building evidence-based practice skills for nurses in leadership positions who are working in non-academic positions. For more information about these programs, please click here. 

The last part of international education is about capacity building in the health professions across the globe. We currently have several capacity building projects funded by international donors. To see where we currently work, please click here.