College Directory

Christine T. Kovner,

433 First Avenue, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10010
Areas of Specialization 

Public Health Nursing

PhD, 1985, New York University
MSN, 1972, University of Pennsylvania
BSN, 1969, Columbia University
Professional Overview 
Dr. Kovner is a Professor at the College of Nursing at New York University (NYU), a Senior Fellow at the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing at NYU, a Nurse Attending at the NYU Langone Medical Center, and serves on the executive committee of NYU’s Clinical Translational Science Institute. Dr. Kovner maintains an active research program involving studies on quality improvement, RN working conditions and nursing care cost. Dr. Kovner is the principal investigator of a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation studying the career trajectories of newly licensed registered nurses over the first ten years of their careers.
Honors and Awards 
2013, Nursing Outlook Excellence in Policy Award. For “State Mandatory Overtime Regulations and Newly Licensed Nurses’ Mandatory and Voluntary Overtime and Total Work Hours.”
2012, New York University, College of Nursing, Distinguished Alumna Award
2010, New York University, College of Nursing, Vernice Ferguson Faculty Scholar Award
2007, “Exploring the Utility of Automated Drug Alerts in Home Healthcare.” Selected for Journal for Healthcare Quality 2007 Golden Pen Award
2006, New York University, College of Nursing, Health Policy and Legislation Award
1999, Best of Image (Journal of Nursing Scholarship) Award in Health Policy. For “Nurse Staffing Levels and Adverse Events Following Surgery in U. S. Hospitals”
1999, New York Counties Registered Nurses Association, Honorary Recognition Award
1996, Alumni Award for Distinguished Career in Nursing, Columbia University-Presbyterian Hospital Alumni Association
1994, Foundation of the New York State Nurses Association, Distinguished Nurse Researcher
1994, New York Counties Registered Nurses Association, Lavinia Dock Distinguished Service Award
1983, Martha E. Rogers Scholarship Award, Upsilon Chapter, Sigma Theta Tau
RN: New York
RN: United States Virgin Islands
Professional Membership 
American Academy of Nursing Fellow
Academy Health
Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science
Sigma Theta Tau
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