Adult-Gerontology Primary Care NP

The Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Program prepares NPs to be educated, certified, and licensed to practice as a primary care providers for young adults, adults, and older adults.  In this role students will provide direct healthcare services by assessing and managing both health and illness states. You will develop competencies in health promotion, health protection, disease prevention, and management. Our students work in community settings such as outpatient clinics, provider's offices, long-term care settings, and patients' homes. In this specialty NPs and their patients develop satisfying long-term relationships and become trusted health counselors and providers of healthcare. 

According to New York State Education Law § 6902, a nurse practitioner diagnoses illnesses and physical conditions and performs therapeutic and corrective measures within the specialty area of practice in which the NP is certified.  In January 2015 New York State expanded the NP role under the NYS Modernization Act, and after 3,600 hours (2 full years of practice), New York State Education Law holds NPs independently responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of their patients and does not require an NP to practice under physician supervision.