Ghana Nurse Leaders



Specialties Nursing education, Nursing workforce
Funding source
Banco Santander
Project Period

The Ghana Nurse Leaders Program is part of a greater university-wide initiative, Ghana WINS, that is a program funded by Banco Santander.  Three schools within NYU receive funding for program activities – NYU Meyers, Steinhardt and Wagner. 

NYU Meyers is currently starting up its phase II of the program with the development and execution of the MoU.  Phase I of the program started in 2013. 

The project seeks to promote nurse leadership through education of nurse managers in leadership development, and ultimately seeking to improve participants’ abilities to lead change and improve nursing practice in the Ghana Health Services.  Since phase I, the focus of support has been to use change management to improve priority challenges affecting the nursing and midwifery service. To date, three cohorts of nurse managers (33 persons) from all ten administrative regions of Ghana have participated in and completed the leadership training.  Over the period, each nurse leader designed, proposed, executed and reported on a change project in their healthcare setting. 

In Phase II, the program model seeks to improve success and sustainability of the program with engagement of the local nursing and midwifery leadership from within each administrative region from the onset, and with active oversight, monitoring and evaluation from project partners including the Ministry of Health/Ghana Health Services and the University of Ghana School of Nursing and Midwifery.   Change project focus will also address the region’s identified health priorities in order to improve the quality of nursing and midwifery practice.  The major education and training components to the project include NYU-faculty-led trainings in both Accra, Ghana and New York City.


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