Adult-Gerontology Acute Care NP

The Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (AGACNP) Program prepares the advanced practice student to provide quality, evidence-based care for patients across the adult lifespan with chronic, acute, and critical illness.  Our students are educated to implement their full scope of practice ranging from disease prevention, to assessment and treatment of acutely ill individuals, and extending to the critical care management of clients who are physiologically unstable.

Nationally recognized faculty have developed an innovative curriculum based on the latest research on creative teaching pedagogies, such as problem-based learning to cultivate evidence-based diagnostic reasoning and decision-making.  Integrating principles of scientific inquiry, evidence-based practice, advanced pathophysiology, advanced pharmacology, and prescription writing, the AGACNP curriculum is shaped to provide a solid foundation for students to apply their advanced knowledge across the spectrum of acute illnesses.   

Skill training in the latest technologies including suturing, central line placement, intubation, and chest tube placement complements our curriculum, preparing students to provide all of the different components of the AGACNP role.  In our state-of-the-art simulation center, students practice the process of evaluating and managing clients with standardized patients, enriching our curriculum and providing multiple practice opportunities for students to practice and provide high-quality care.   

Located in the center of NYC, AGACNP students are placed in a variety of preeminent academic health centers with experienced preceptors who manage a diverse group of acutely ill individuals.  AGACNP students complete intensive practicum experiences in premiere medicine, surgery, cardiology and critical care practice settings.   Examples of our clinical placements include medical-surgical services, intensive care units, emergency rooms, and post-anesthesia care units.  AGACNP students also manage patients with advanced chronic diseases in heart failure clinics, oncology clinics, and pulmonary clinics.

Keeping with our tradition of excellence, our graduates are prepared as leaders in the provision of holistic, quality, advanced nursing care for patients and their families across our health systems continuum of care.